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your home.

that' s called hunger.  

Your Village, LLC

Built to E.A.T. 





A community that's built to eat together.

Meet owner

     Darby J. Adams

        Born in May of 1996. I am the only child to my parents, Daniel Adams, 81, and Yarsmon Adams (12/16/1961- 5/8/2009).

My parents would say I am their miracle child. I have felt my superpowers all my life. I have an extending list of hobbies and abilities, which makes my career in PR the ultimate dream job. As a child I enjoyed putting my own twist to things from clothes to the short stories/ poems and open mics I would write. I have a passion for art and social-science.  I have my Associate's degree in Arts and Human Resources. 

        I am from Durham, NC. I was raised on the East side of Durham. Proud of my city and what it has taught me over the years, I have been able to meet exceptional people who have made great things of themselves over the years I have known them. My environment encouraged my company. I have seen tragedy in many ways over many years and have had the conclusion to the cold cases that their is too many stories gone heard by the wrong people, portrayed the wrong way. From my hometown  to being able to travel to California, Texas, Florida and cities inside the North Carolina, I have been able to meet people of many professions who have given much opportunity to advance my skills with communications and servicing.  Coming from a city thriving and being mapped for so many different reasons, many not positive, it takes someone who has the superpowers to take on a challenge.


       I have focused my years of customer service and studying arts, and business relationships to have the understanding of what each plate, to each individual, holds.  I have been the leading face for different companies in the food industry to Medicare.. In business and personal relationships there are different weights but each person has a purpose and perception of their life. Its only relevant that we all reach a level of success that is no harm to the community itself. We are that community. I have studied in different courses from health to music to psychology and human resources. Each connection cycles the economic system that is the main atmosphere to our brand/business and the consumers that buy into our passion (as we are feeding theirs).  


Public Relations is for Everyone.

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Community of homes, built off hunger, all with one goal to sit in our mansion and eat

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Thank you to the following companies, brands and owners for allowing me to join their team and sharing my values for a regenerated community.

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