America. Land of the free?

Okay, we are the chosen generation to get the facts straight; to reveal the curtain to mythical history lines and dilute education systems to black/brown and white origin to make what is the USA.

I'd say "today" but the America we come to in this time is slowly reaching the back-ages before we can come to remember that it is 2020. Almost 100 years into a time my own father can recall being a young boy leaving under the impression to make himself stand above his color.

Color, today, like back then, has status. As back then there were the outliers of blacks contributing to the slave circle to "fit into" the society norm, because they were black they are not mentioned in any history book. We have, now, that same cultured mindset where we are allowing the norms to set the pace for how we identify in society.

From the labels we support that have not respected us as a culture, to the trickling down government systems - federally and locally. We are just as much of a contribution to the making of America, but not the problems that came with it. America is sung as the land of the free, but are we really. We have gone trough the questions of how free are we.

We weren't free in our home land. We crossed troubled waters shackled by strangers. Backtrack, to before we arrived. Indians were distressed from their own land, no longer making them free. Our history is secrets of slavery and under-privilege. Facts prove this is not the land of opportunity, but not the free.

America has a history of pain and division. A foundation was built off greed over opportunity; contaminated with unethical values and deceiving laws of orders. White privilege for hundreds of years. Masters labeled us as property. Blacks were labeled as savages and criminals. Blacks were labeled unsophisticated. Blacks started buying these same labels that support their white captors.

Back then we wouldn't demand the respect, but today we have questions on the constitution of citizenship. Color has no label but constantly America is labeling us and selling them to us. Black America is the land of discrete. No one wants to get to know our pain, stuck in a culture that doesn't respect the sweat that grew the country. Our labor produced the money to buy the land. Our blood fertilized the soil that fed your child. Our women nurtured your family. Our men kneel for respected and are kicked down closer to the ground. Our men fight for answers and they are broadcast as unreasonable. America isn't the land of the free, just a land of opportunity, and blacks still are working against labels to make better opportunities 400 + years later.

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