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Updated: Mar 28, 2020

Madam! Call me Madam'

Black hair is everything. I have locs and even before I locked my hair, I was natural for over four years. My hair was always healthy but keeping it dandruff free and always styled was harder as a black woman. My hair is tri-textured. This limited series was a needed story for woman of color to realize the power we hold; outside of our vagina and in our minds. The strength one black woman had to change the face of black woman accross America is a strength that was bred into our genes throughout generations. Madam CJ Walker took her vision and made it a movement.

EP1: "The Fight of the Century"

Example of how colors of black are still being (or were) defined by our own kind. Light-skin and dark-skinned woman go through the same battle. WE are fighting to be recognized for more than our body, trying to escape abusive marriages, trying to grow our companies or even just looking to make ends meet. Color shouldn't determine ambition. WE were all slaves at one point, through ancestry to physical slaves. WE as a culture of black woman have suffered those reins on being told we can't be woman unless we were stay at home mothers and wives. The actors used to portray this kind of message were the perfect choice.

"colored woman will do anything to look like me..."

"Don't put your money where you get your honey"

The big fight is with our own female peers #Addie #Sarah woman have to pull ourselves together to uplift not tear down. #TheChurchScene was quite petty and shows how we can use faith for unfaithful gestures. It was inappropriate and ungodly. It shows how far people will go to tear you down; your own kind. But God come's back even stronger. Madam was strategic. AS black woman should be. Push and keep pushing. The saying He won't give us nothing we can't bare. Even through her house reconstruction she gave #Addie a piece of her mind, she did not let the light dim. That's how God works.

EP2: "Bootstraps" "...light a match under whatever you want..."

DReaming big starts with you. Being an ambitious woman will require a lot of toes lines up to be stepped on. The business industry is difficult for woman to gain access to, especially when men take for granted the woman's ability to lead. Being loved by a man is one thing but respected is another. This episode is the investor search and it was inspiring and realistic in the scenes ongoing. Madam CJ was attacked BY A BLACK MAN! I have been sexually assaulted and I felt the scene when she told her story. "I've come too far..." is what I remind myself. Any #sexualassault victim needs to know that they have come far.

#MyCompany - J.D Rockerfeller "NO greater reward without risk..."

The timeline leading to success of Madam CJ was about ..."learning her place" Sarah "CJ Walker" learned her place was above #BookerTWashington her husband and anyone else who stood in the way. Always ready is being ready to step on those toes who didn't think they'd be stepped on. "We can uplift our race" but we can not uplift a race without the woman. Her husband may have lied or was a little jealous, but she kept her head high. Her accountant was true to his job. Madam is an inspiration to dream and keep dreaming. Not letting any obstacle bring your dreams down.

Call me Madam!

"I can't be silent anymore..." The way Madam walked on that stage. Fearless. The way she powered through the convention. She spoke up in a time that woman were not allowed to speak up. Woman need opportunities. Men doubt our abilities to do anything more than cook and raise babies. We are the powerhouse to generations. "it's not a competition" but woman are the first step to being alive. "I know my place..." and a woman's place is not behind a man's voice. She has her own. She has the ability too, and when the woman's convention donated that money for Sarah it shows the type of empowerment just needed to make it in this male dominant world. When we can get to that point in our life, it will be time to pop open the champagne.

E3: "The Walker Girl"

"...they don't stop at these doors..." Madam CJ Walker made a way for black woman to build their own brands, becoming their own brand. Madam worked through her marriage, through her illness and the laughs in her face. "...Change the whole wild world..."

She made every step to perfect her company, she made sacrifices and never regretted her moves. Never giving up and being humble no matter how hard you were kicked down. "...Good hair and light bright skin..."

#TheNewNegro is like the NY scene where there is more than just one brand of black. WE all have a story in our skin. All the negro spirituals bring back history, the story line of marriage and slave life to CJ and explaining "hard" Hard is making it work with what you have; A dream, A memory, A sacrifice, etc.

#RegretHurtsWorse but when you take the chance like Madam did at the NY dinner. She was recognized by W.E.B. DuBois while her work was being recognized by competition. You don't have to regret even when want more than what they give you. Madam CJ Walker stood up for what she believed and made her dreams come true on her own.


"...use it for the benefit of my neighbors."

EP4: A Credit to the Race

#householdname leaving a legacy behind for generations of woman to follow your footsteps. Living a dream is nothing when you have no one to take it on after you.

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