Sponsorship Packages 2020

October 2020 I will be hosting my 2nd annual Secure A Bag lunch

The luncheon is a networking group for black business owners to discuss innovative topics, possible business partners, win prizes from other black business owners and educate each other about the internal and external data of their market and their community.

General Admission: $25

Event entry

Social media recognition (1 week- Instagram, Facebook and Twitter)

Live photography

Silent auction entry

Open Advertising at event

Swag Bag included

$50 Sponsorship

Early Entry

Personal menu options

Social media recognition

Social media ads

Live photography

Special guest shoot

Blog review via website

Inclusion in swag bag

2021 Newsletter 1/2 page

Featured Live session

$100 Sponsorship

Early Entry Access

Personal mini photoshoot

Personal menu options

Logo added to website

Social media ads

Silent auction table

Blog review on website

Featured IGTV and Live special

Included swag products

Full page in 2021 newsletter

**this is not a complete draft, if you are curious about being a sponsor please contact me. Other negotiations can be discussed.

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