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Public Relations & Management

My services are designed to fit each clients needs for their brand, product or company. Displaying as a business that your consumers and customers that invest themselves in your business are worthy of your story. Many consumers look at big names (public figures) and brands as their channeled self, with only social media and other story-twisting, the figure  is unable to reach those who are not at there level, but want to be, or even feed the concerns that there is someone who has not forgot where they started. 

Content Strategy  Writing     Campaign Management    Branding 
Social Media 
  Events Content    Fundraising    Creative Initiatives

Events &Campaigns 

Make a statement with the event or campaign that will keep them wanting to invest. Grabbing attention to those who see that you can reverse the roles and show your face for those who support you. Events are great for gathering customers, gaining new clients and partners and connecting with the community. 

Events for your brand 

  • Pop-up shop

  • Launch parties

  • Birthdays

  • Mixers 

Hosting & Speaking Engagements


  • Conferences 

  • Lunch and Learn

  • Education 


Writing Content & Creativity

Press Releases

    & Literary Write

Wanting to go on air and promote yourself starts with having the research and tools to say what is best for the overall affect of the product and the public . Content and steering the narrative keeps control to the owner. 

Newsletters and Publishing Content

Peer reviews and other drafting methods to make sure all literary content is resourceful and understood by the public. Reaching through moving statements and realistic conversation that connects to those who would understand. 

Visual and

Social Media

Creating a content through your physical and social image. Being more community engaging to touring and promoting a product that is beneficial to a community that you support. Making your image comparable to the audience that will one day follow your footsteps, while staying true to the person you are. Photo shoots, bookings to media management 

HR and Management

Training, Development 

 & Sourcing

Working with clients to train their team, employees or staff any new policies or plans for branding. Developing a polished team that can execute. Taking the burden off the top manager, or who may be in charge and giving an outside perspective to the internal task force on how to successfully generate a dedicated and loyal staff/consumers. 


Being the face of a company can no be easy. They have to be able to project the whole message.Looking for brand ambassadors, ad partners and product models can be difficult when fitting to a clear vision. Your brand should appeal to what makes you unique. Ambassadors, contracted advertisement and surveying of your product or brand. 

From social media to engagements, your brand should be presented to a main stream of people who can appreciate the work you have put in to build your brand/product.