Mission Statement 

Fill the table with people who came hungry to trend progress and host for continuing generations . 



Every plate is prepared for that moment of transitions from unsure to successful, to take this tradition into their homes that transfer into the community and continue to recycle once it is seen as part of  an economic enhancement personally and across the community that stay too invested in those at the community table. 

  • Education is key to getting a head start

  • Family is a support system of any kind

  • Breaking cycles of misconstrued generations

  • Real vs Reality: Keeping it real for the sales

  • Knowledge is the middle-man, only you have it

  • Each products success affects a home

  • Building up constantly so generations can see hard work looks like

  • Producing platforms for each home to show their successful reveal 

  • Eating right to promote progress 

Build your foundation

  • Plan your layout

  • Determine the design 

  • Create your path 

Full Plate 

  • Preparations & Presentation

  • Plentiful

  • Strength & Durability

  • Documentation of progress

Humbled Table

  • Potluck & Story Tell

  • Tradition for the next generation